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Indoor Air Quality in Today’s Built Environment

For decades, scientists have been focused on outdoor air quality. Today, there are regulations in place across the U.S., and around the world, to help keep the atmosphere clean, and…

Does Mould Really Affect Your Life?

Yes. If your house contains mould, your health is at risk and it is completely out of your control. One of the biggest challenges of mould is that doctors, friends…

Landlord left with $42,000 repair bill from tenant says law doesn’t protect investors

An Auckland landlord facing a $42,000 bill to repair a damaged rental property has questioned whether it's worth being a property investor under new tenant-friendly Government laws. She posted about…

Raising kids in a damp home: One woman’s battle to get out of her Housing NZ hell

April Cohen's baby has been sick for nearly all of her three months alive and she doesn't think the mould, the wet, and the cold is incidental. Despite letters from…

More asbestos found at Reserve Bank building

The Reserve Bank is vacating its Wellington building after new evidence of asbestos traces were detected in a lift. In May the 14-storey building on the corner of The Terrace…

Is The Current Recommended Approach To Meth Testing Problematic?

On the 29th of May, The Prime Minister's Chief Science Advisor (PMCSA), Peter Gluckman (since retired), released a report on the exposures, risk levels, and interpretation of standards for methamphetamine…

Toxic Mould Isn’t Tenants’ Fault – Lack Of Property Maintenance Plays The Biggest Part!

Property maintenance (or lack of it) is one of the leading factors in the onset of toxic mould. Here’s what a carpenter who specialises in property maintenance work has experienced:…

Burst sewage pipe destroys family home and belongings just as renovations completed

An Auckland family had just finished renovating their house when a sewage pipe in their backyard exploded, showering their cherished personal belongings in unimaginable filth. Michelle Bigwood returned from the…

Asbestos scare forces Rotorua school to close science laboratories

Rotorua Lakes High School has closed its science laboratories amid nationwide fears gauze mats used with Bunsen burners at schools may be contaminated with a rare form of asbestos. More…

Professor Sir Peter Gluckman’s Report On Methamphetamine Contamination In Residential Properties

You will be aware now that Professor Sir Peter Gluckman has issued a report on Methamphetamine Contamination in residential properties. If you haven’t seen it please click here. This report…

Meat under the grill started fire that gutted Glenholme, Rotorua home

Unattended cooking has been revealed as the cause of a fire that gutted a house in Glenholme, Rotorua last night. Fire and Emergency New Zealand has confirmed the blaze started…

Botched asbestos removal job results in $35k fine for retired tradie

A botched asbestos clean up job has seen a retired tradie cop a $35,000 fine. John Carstairs Robertson used to work as a painter decorator in Taranaki and asbestos removal was among…

House of stench: Property manager lifts lid on NZ’s most disgusting homes

A New Zealand property manager has lifted the lid on the horrors of some of New Zealand's most disgusting homes, including a house that hadn't been cleaned in 16 years.…

Real estate agent found guilty of misconduct

The New Zealand Herald has published an article highlighting the responsibilities of Real Estate Agents when it comes to disclosure. If you would like to see it on the Herald…
Meth Locations

Five of New Zealand’s meth cooking hotspots

The New Zealand Herald has published an article highlighting 5 areas that are P Lab hotspots. See below for the article.  If you would like to see it on the…

Auckland region has 52,000 properties sitting in a flood plain

Heavy storms, rainwater run-off and low-lying land pose a flood risk to about 16,000 properties in the Auckland region. > more here <

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