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When is a property considered to be contaminated?

New Zealand Standards have set a threshold of 1.50µg / 100cm². If you have any queries around your test result please call us.

What are the health risks with a contaminated property?

Exposure to contamination over the Ministry of Health guidelines can potentially cause headaches, coughs, sleeplessness. Long term exposure to the toxic chemicals like those created by meth labs can result in asthma, risk in infant brain growth, learning disabilities in children, headaches/migraines, and skin problems.

For more on the health implications see this publication from the New Zealand Ministry of Health

How much does decontamination cost?

Unfortunately a cost cannot be ascertained without reviewing and analysing the test results and undertaking a site visit. To schedule a time for us to come and look at your property and talk with you about your options, contact us.

What is the decontamination Process?

The cleaning process can vary between jobs. to summaries a few steps:

  • Remove all soft furnishings
  • Clean all surfaces including air purification
  • Neutralise the meth contamination using specialised chemicals and equipment
  • Rinse Walls
  • Dry all surfaces by ventilation or de-humidification
  • Re-test using an independent testing company

What stays and what goes if my house is decontaminated?

Generally items such as, gib board walls and ceiling, hard surface flooring, doors, cabinets, countertops, metal ductwork could possibly be decontaminated.

Items to be removed and disposed of would be soft furnishings such as carpet, curtains, blinds, insulated ductwork, and insulation. Please note this is all subject to analysing the test results and determining the most cost effective solution to remediate the property.

My house tested positive for methamphetamine, what are my options?

A house can test positive but be below the New Zealand standard. If the results are low enough no work may be needed. However, if the results are over 1.50µg / 100cm² , the property needs to be decontaminated. If you are unsure how to read the test report or have general questions please get in touch.

Decontamination Specialists

We specialise in decontaminating your methamphetamine contaminated home.

We focus on providing exceptional service, customised to your needs and most importantly leave you a clean, safe environment you or your tenants can call home.

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