Fire and Smoke Restoration

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When a tragedy like a fire occurs, you can rely on DS to get your life back to normal and your business or home up and running. DS Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians hold certifications from the IICRC. We take pride in providing state-of-the-art fire damage restoration services.

There are four common types of fires

  • Combustible materials (wood, paper or cotton)
  • Flammable liquids and gases (petrol, paint, butane, LPG)
  • Protein fires, which emerge from cooking media (oils, fats and meat)
  • Electrical fire from appliances or faulty systems

Each fire produces different residues and will therefore require specific strategies to effectively alleviate the damage.

If your fire loss involves structural damage Decontamination Specialists can restore repair or replace as the necessity dictates.

It is important to treat fire and smoke damage quickly to ensure secondary damage is reduced. Contact us now.

Decontamination Specialists are able to offer:
  • Contents documentation and pack out
  • Cleaning and odour treatments
  • Non-destructive cleaning and restoration procedures
  • Work with experienced general contractors for structural repairs
  • Structural Cleaning
  • Demolition and removal of items that cannot be remediated
All DS Restoration Technicians:
  • Have hands on restoration experience
  • Use specialised tools and equipment
  • Have skills to prevent secondary damage
  • Follow the IICRC guidelines without exception

Call us on 0800 DECON IT as soon as possible. The first 48 hours are vital. Lingering soot can cause secondary damage if not immediately addressed by a professional fire restoration company.

Decontamination Specialists

We specialise in repairing and restoring your damaged home.

We focus on providing exceptional service, customised to your needs and most importantly leave you a clean, safe environment you or your tenants can call home.

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