Flood Restoration

Floods, burst pipes, overflowed drains can all happen without warning.

The key is to act quickly to accelerate the drying process, reduce drying times and minimise secondary damage. Our goal is to restore your property back to its original state without the need of costly demolition.

Our trained technicians follow the most up to date standards and drying techniques. This includes controlling both air and surface temperatures, using air movement & dehumidification to get the best result.

DS Restoration Technicians have:

  • Hands on restoration experience
  • Specialised tools and equipment
  • Working knowledge of the IICRC Standards
  • 24/7 response team
  • Follow the IICRC Standards without exception

Call us on 0800 DECON IT as soon as possible to achieve the best restoration result.

Decontamination Specialists

We specialise in repairing and restoring your damaged home.

We focus on providing exceptional service, customised to your needs and most importantly leave you a clean, safe environment you or your tenants can call home.

Book now, callĀ 0800 DECON IT

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