Experienced Meth Decontamination

New Zealand is facing an epidemic of meth contaminated properties and the problem for many is heartbreaking. Don’t be discouraged because, with Decontamination Specialists we have the solutions to remediate your property and provide you peace of mind that your home is clean and livable.

What We Do

Decontamination Specialists tackles the problem of meth contamination and is much more effective than just cleaning. The products our trained and certified technicians apply, safely and effectively eliminate meth contamination residue from any residential or commercial structure. By taking a scientific approach, we are able to safely decontaminate items in a house, saving thousands in replacement costs and time living away from home. The product we use is non-hazardous, non-corrosive, completely bio-degradable, environmentally-friendly and safe for people, pets and structures. Please note, in some situations, it may be a better option to remove and replace linings, doors and framing. As part of our service we can reinstate any building items which we remove. We will discuss these option with you at the initial consultation.

Decontamination Specialists meth clean up process is safe and effective. Our certified decontamination specialists provide thorough decontamination of the property and we carry out our own quality assurance testing (at no extra cost) prior to the independent post decontamination test. We also provide a guarantee that we will decontaminate your property of meth in accordance with the current guidelines and our proposal.

Your privacy is important to us. Decontamination Specialists maintains a discrete presence while completing our proprietary decontamination process. Our vehicles and trailers are not sign written or labeled with the name of our company, keeping unwanted questions or enquiries at bay.

We cover greater Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Whangarei. However please call us if you are outside these areas, as we may still be able to help.

What To Expect

Provide a friendly, honest and professional service.

Work with you to achieve the most cost effective solution, but still keeping to our high standards.

Support you and give you clear information through the whole process.

We understand the importance of being discrete. None of our vehicles are sign written.

We provide you with a guarantee that we will get the meth levels in house, below the guidelines.

As part of our service we can reinstate any linings, framework, doors and electrical fittings that may have been removed as part of the decontamination process.

We carry out our own QA testing before handing it over to the home owner to carry out their own clearance testing. This is to ensure our treatments have worked.

We can provide you with contacts for reputable certified independent testing companies.

We also provide renowned P cleaning services in Auckland, Hamilton, Waikato and Whangarei.

Leon & Tom’s pleasing friendly manner did a great job, from beginnings to end. They made a major headache a walk in the park. All problems were disolved without any stress, nothing was too much trouble. The subcontractors were equally top standard. Progress & updates were regular. I highly recommend this company for your problem.


Tom and his team did a great job. When Tom was approached he was very calm and assured us all will be fine. The work carried out was done to a good standard and Tom kept communication to a high level. He answered all our questions (sometimes we had too many). I will be happy to recommend them to any future customers.



Decontamination Specialists

We specialise in decontaminating your methamphetamine contaminated home.

We focus on providing exceptional service, customised to your needs and most importantly leave you a clean, safe environment you or your tenants can call home.

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